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Article 21: VACANCIES

a.        The office of a member of any Committee or Council or any office bearer constituted under this Constitution shall be vacated by resignation, removal, or death;

b.       All vacancies shall, unless otherwise provided for, be filled in the same manner in which the vacated member was chosen and the member so elected shall hold office for the remaining term of the seat vacated;

c.        If the post of President is vacated at any level except the Federal level, the next higher level President will nominate the Acting President till the election is carried out as per constitution. Acting President can work at the most for four months.

d.       If the post of Party President is vacated the highest ordered Vice President, as decided in accordance with the provision of Article 18 B (b) will take charge as acting Party President and he will make arrangements for the election of Party President within four months.

e.        In the absence of any provision to the contrary, a Committee or Council, once it is properly constituted shall not become invalid by reason of any vacancy.

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