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Article 19: FUND

a.        There shall be established a Fund of the Party into which all membership fees and subscriptions, contributions, sale proceeds of journals or other publications and State subsidies, if any will be deposited. All the expenses of the Party shall be met from this Fund.

b.       The Fund of the Party will solely be used for political purposes; the Party will abide by the instructions issue by the Election Commission from time to time in maintaining the accounts.

c.        The budget of different levels of the Party will be approved at the beginning of each year by the respective committees. Budgets of Unit, District and State levels will have to be confirmed by the Presidents of the next higher levels.

d.       The Central and State Working Committees shall have the powers to make rules regarding the maintenance of the accounts.

a.        The accounts will be audited annually and audit report will be placed before the meeting of the respective Committees. The Central account will be audited by an auditor empanelled with the Comptroller and Auditor General.

b.       The Audited Annual Financial return will be submitted to the Election Commission within 60 days of the end of each financial year.

c.        The Central Auditor will be appointed by the FWC while State and District Level Auditors will be appointed by State Working Committees.

d.       The FWC will decide time to time, the membership fee and the Party contributions.

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