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Federal, State, District and Unit Office bearers will have the following powers and responsibilities in their respective jurisdictions.


a.        To convene and preside over the sittings of the concerned Committee or Councils. If the matter related to the personality of the President is being discussed, the Council/Committee shall appoint any Vice President or any other person to chair the session for such discussion.

b.       To work for the expansion and consolidation of the Party in his/her jurisdiction.

c.        To nominate, as per the Constitution, members/office-bearers to his Executive.

d.       To allocate the work and duties among the office-bearers and members of the Executive.

e.        To exercise any power of his Executive/Committee, in an emergency, when it is not in session provided that any such action will have to be ratified in its subsequent meeting.

f.         To take part in talks with other parties and to nominate representatives of the Party for the work.

g.        To represent the party in public fora.

h.       To decide the date of the Committee/Executive meeting.

i.         To guide the Committee/Executive in implementing programmes for furthering the organizational and constructive activities and agitational programmes of the Party.

j.         In performing all these duties the Presidents will be working within the limits of the decisions of respective Committees and Councils and higher party organs and will be accountable to the executive of the higher level.



a.        Subject to the general control of the President, Vice Presidents and General Secretaries will be performing the roles specified by the respective Presidents.

b.       The Vice Presidents, normally being given leadership related roles, will be performing the roles specified by the President. The Party President will pronounce the order of Vice Presidents, who will assume the charge of Party President in that order in his/her absence.

c.        General Secretaries will be given organizational, administrative and managerial roles. The General Secretary-(Organization ) shall be in-charge of the organization and will lead and guide the secretariat, other General Secretaries and Secretaries

d.       The General Secretary-(Organization) shall supervise the organization and implement the decisions of Party Organs, FGC, FWC and Federal Executive.

e.        The General Secretary-(Organization) shall prepare and publish the report of the proceedings for the relevant party organs.

f.         The General Secretary-(Organization) shall keep the records of the Party and make them available when needed.

a.        The General Secretary-(Organization) shall convene the meetings of the FGC, the FWC and the Federal Executive with due consent of the President and to issue and monitor their agenda.



a.        He shall be responsible to maintain the income and expenditure account of the Party at respective level.

b.       He shall get the accounts examined/audited and to report the same to the Committee annually.

c.        He shall get audited the accounts of all subordinate units.

d.       He shall get prepared the budget and present and get it passed in the concerned body.

e.        He shall guide to raise funds and search the sources of funds for the party.


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