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 1) The Federal Working Committee will consist of 41 Members comprising of  


a.        Thirty one Members of the Federal Working Committee, elected by the Federal General Council.

b.       Ten members nominated by the President in consultation with the elected members of the Federal Working Committee.


Besides, the following will be ex-officio members of the FWC.


c.        Leaders of the Party in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

d.       The Vice Presidents, General Secretaries, Secretaries and Treasurer.


2)      The Federal Working Committee will have the following powers.

i)                                To frame the basic policy and programme of the Party.

ii)                               To frame the rules and statutes for day to day work of the  Party.

iii)                      To fix the number of Active Members in each state.

iv)                      To make rules/norms for election and decide about election authorities.


The Federal Working Committee shall be the final authority in settling any dispute or controversy or any residual matter not covered in this Constitution.

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