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a.        The Federal General Council shall consist of 150 elected members, who will be elected by the members of the State General Councils from among themselves in accordance with the rules framed by the FWC; it will also comprise of the FWC members.

b.       The Federal General Council will normally meet once in two years.

c.        The Federal General Council shall be convened if;

                                       i.            More than 50% of the FGC members make a written demand to convene the meeting.

                                      ii.            The FWC passes resolution for convening the meeting of the Federal General Council.

                                    iii.            More than one third of the State Working Committees pass resolution making a demand to convene such a meeting.

d.       Federal General Council will have the following powers;

                                    iv.            To elect the President of the Party and 30 members of the Federal Working Committee.

                                      v.            To make evaluation of Party activities and progress.

                                    vi.            To make amendment to the Constitution

                                   vii.            To accept the resignation or dismiss the President of the Party.

                                 viii.            To accept resignation or dismiss any member(s) or whole of the FWC.

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