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 The tenure of the State General Council shall be for four years. The SGC will meet in every two years.

a.        State General Council will comprise 50 to 150 members (actual strength will be determined on the basis of the population of the State and strength of the Party in that state). It will be comprising of

i)                    75% of the members elected from among the Active Members of the state.

ii)                   25% of the members elected by the Primary Members. 

Besides the above elected members

iii)                 All District Presidents shall be the members of the SGC.

iv)                 Leaders of the Party in the State Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council.

v)                   Leaders of the Party in Metropolitan Councils.

vi)                 10 % of party MLAs, MLCs and Mayors shall also be members of the State General Council.

b.       It will be necessary to convene within one month,  an emergency meeting of the State General Council if;

                                   i.            50% of the Active Members make written demand to convene the State General Council,

                                  ii.            State Working Committee (Article 10) passes a resolution for convening State General Council.

                                iii.            State President of the Party finds it necessary to convene such a session.


c.        The powers of the State General Council will be as follows;

                                 i.            To elect a person as Active Member of the Party.

                                ii.            To expel any Active Member from the Active Membership.

                              iii.            To elect the State President and 25 members of the State Working Committee.

To accept the resignation or dismiss State President, State Executive, member(s) of the State Executive, State Working Committee and member(s) of the State Working Committee

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