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The District Committee will cover an area specified by the State Executive and shall consist of,


a.        All Active Members belonging to the District,

b.       Five members  elected by the Primary members of the District,

c.        Five members nominated by the State Executive from among the Primary Members,

d.       Five members co-opted by the District Committee and confirmed by the State Executive, to give representation to underrepresented sections,

e.        District President, District Secretary, Vice Presidents, and Treasurer of the District.

f.         The District President will be elected by the District Committee. And election will come into effect after the confirmation by the State Working Committee. If the State Working Committee does not confirm, re-election will be held for that.

g.        Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer will be appointed by the District President and confirmed by the State President.

h.       The District Committee in consultation with the District President will fix the size of the Unit Committee.

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