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There will be two categories of membership in the Party, PRIMARY MEMBERS and ACTIVE MEMBERS. Primary Member can be elected or appointed to anybody or Post except for the Posts of the President of the Party and the State Presidents. President and State Presidents of the Party will always be Active Members.


A.       Primary Members


Any person fulfilling the following conditions can become a Primary Member of the Party.


a.        He/ She should be the citizen of India and his/her age should be 18 years or above,

b.       Accepts and subscribes in writing in the prescribed form to the objectives of the Party,

c.        He/ She is known for good conduct and abstinence from social evils like corruption, violence, adultery etc.

d.       He/ She is known to be interested in social works and has offered some services,

e.        He/ She is not a member of any other political party,

f.         The Membership Card will be issued by the District President and this will be deemed to be granting of the Membership,

g.        Membership fee of Rs. 10 will have to be paid for the issue of Membership Card,

h.       District Presidents will have the right to reject any application for membership if the applicant is not fulfilling the membership criteria,

i.         The term of primary membership shall be for four years and will be counted from the first of January of the year or from the date of enrolment as member up to 31st of December of the subsequent fourth year,

j.         Renewal of primary membership shall be deemed to have been completed by depositing the membership subscription fee and submitting the application for renewal of the membership.


B.       Active Members


a.        Active Membership will be granted at the Biennial STATE GENERAL COUNCIL (ARTICLE 9) from among the Primary Members of the party based on the following criterion;

                                                   i.      Adherence to the Party principles,

                                                  ii.      Their contributions and services to Party programmes,

                                                iii.      Adherence to Party discipline, character and ethical standards,

b.       The State General Council can expel any of the Active Members.

The number of Active Members in each state will be determined by the President in consultation with the FEDERAL WORKING COMMITTEE (FWC) (ARTICLE 13)

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