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The WELFARE PARTY OF INDIA shall aim at realizing a value-based welfare state governed by the principles of Justice, Freedom and Equality. The Party shall strive for;


1.        Promotion of ethical values and high moral standards in the political system and other realms of public life.


2.       Stimulation, advancement and fortification of democracy in letter and spirit, not in the sense of majorityism but in the sense of inclusiveness and pluralism.


3.       Establishment of a welfare state by recognizing and realizing the right to livelihood and other fundamental human rights


4.       Growth and development of the country focusing on the equitable and just distribution of the fruits of development and ensuring that the benefits of growth reach to every section of the society and promoting interest free economy.


5.        Restoration and preservation of the rights of minorities as recognized in the Constitution of India and international conventions.


6.       Growth and development opportunities for women ensuring that their femininity is respected and protected in its true spirit.


7.       Empowerment of the weak and oppressed sections of the society and minorities, through special measures and affirmative actions realizing the ideals of social justice.


8.       Channelizing the energies of the youth for the healthy development of the society.


9.        Protection of the cultural diversity by granting full opportunities to different cultures to thrive and by realizing the notion of cultural federalism.


10.    Sustainability in the development of industry, technology, commerce and agriculture in the country with due attention to the protection of environment.


11.     Effective mechanisms of accountability and transparency at all levels of public life                           ensuring that authority and power are always coupled with an equal magnitude of responsibility and answerability.


A just global order by ensuring that international law is adhered to; and within its framework, the integrity and sovereignty of nations are respected and discriminations based on race, geography and power are eliminated.

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