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WPI raises a strong voice for the safety of women

Women constitute about one half of the global population but they are placed in various disadvantageous positions due to gender differences and bias. For centuries, they have been the victims of violence and exploitation. Rampant abuses against them have been excused, ignored or taken for granted.

With the recent rape of a 23year old girl in Delhi, the civilized society has finally woken up from them slumber and joined hands to assert their solidarity and struggle against subjugation, subordination oppression, and suppression of women, to reverse centuries of discrimination, injustices and violence against them .

The Welfare Party of India congratulates the civil society and supports this growing solidarity and further proposes certain methodologies to be adopted to empower and ensure the safety of the humanity’s largest marginalized group “The Women.”

Ignorance of law makes one subservient and subordinate, interpreting them only makes one wise in knowing if that law is effective and implementable. One such law is the ‘Law of Rape’ under Section 375 of IPC. It is not only ineffective but also has many discrepancies. The very definition of Rape is inadequate. “Rape is not just about, inhuman manifestation of extreme sexual urge, but about violence, humiliation, power, aggression and patriarchy.” Taking this in consideration, rape should be redefined by Indian Penal Code and rape laws should be reframed in this light.

The punishment awarded to the rapist should not only be stringent but exemplary, so that this crime (Rape) of such great magnitude should not be committed. “Justice delayed I s justice denied.” Hence, there should be speedy deliverance of justice with fair investigation in fast track courts.

Most of the atrocities and directly linked with the feudal mind-set which perceives women as inferior and allows the indecent representation of women which   glamorizes and degrades them and asserts their subordinate function as a mere receptacles for male lust. Hence, WPI recommends a strong legislative effort coupled with a wide spread social awareness with morality and ethics to fight this menace and provide a respectable dignified position to women.

Another significant menace adding to today’s problem is the excess intermingling of opposite sexes. It is the segregation of sex which will lead to self preservation and purity with each having enough space to grow and nourish their talents and potential .In this context, WPI strongly discourages co-education and advocates separate transport or seating arrangement for women to not only protect them, but also give them ample private space with in public domain.

WPI holds the institution of marriage in a very high esteem. It severely criticizes and condemns any physical relationship between a man and women outside this institution. Strong applicable laws should be used to punish the guilty. Any argument of being Adult or with consent should not be tolerated as it will lead to promiscuity which will weaken the social and moral fabric of the society.

WPI strongly advocates that women should be protected and various methodologies should be adopted by the state to ensure their safety. It strongly feels that if one half of the humanity is not liberated then the whole humanity is not liberated. Both Men and Women should enjoin good and forbid evil and work towards building an egalitarian society.

In brief
WPI Demands

1.       The redefinition of rape and reframing of rape laws.

2.       Fair investigation with stringent and exemplary punishment to the rapist.

3.   To implement the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act 1985, and include indecent portrayal of women on internet, pornography, etc. verbal and non-verbal indecent gestures, MMS, sexing and other related cyber crimes which degrade women.

4.       Unisex Schools with and separate transport and other facilities to the fair sex.

5.  To uphold the institution of marriage and to condemn legalization of gay, lesbian, live-in relationship, and other promiscuous institutions.

6.       The State to adopt preventive measures to protect and safeguard the women’s dignity.


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