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A Report on the Activities of the WPI on North-East Issue

In the wake of the exodus of the North-East people from Bangalore, Mrs. Sheema Mohsin spoke to DR. SQR Ilyas and discussed the issue and after knowing the WPI’s stand on the prevailing issue spoke to the principal of St. Joseph College, Mr Deepak of Pedestrian Pictures and Mr Manohar, a human right activist . They immediately agreed to arrange a meeting of Muslim leaders along with the students from the North-East.

On the same day i.e. August 16th, 2012 a meeting was arranged at St. Joseph College auditorium which was addressed by the representatives of WPI (Mrs. Sheema Mohsin, Mr. Akbar Ali and Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim along with other Muslim leaders. It was attended by 500 North-East students, principal and faculty members and also by various NGOs. This meeting was followed by another meeting with the NGOs in the same campus and there was also an exclusive interview by NDTV on the same issue which was addressed by Mr Akbar Ali and Mrs. Sheema Mohsin.

On 17th August 2012, a joint press conference was held at Bangaluru Press Club which was addressed by Mrs. Lalita Nayak, Mrs. Sheema Mohsin and Mr. Akbar Ali representing WPI along with other Muslim and N.E. leaders. The press conference was covered by all the leading newspapers and TV channels.

After the press conference, the representatives of WPI (Mr. Akbar Ali, Mrs. Sheema Mohsin and Mr Mohammed Ibrahim ) visited houses of the N.E. residents who were attacked and they instilled confidence in them and also took account of the prevailing situation. WPI also extended support to the North-East people outside Bangaluru too.

In the same evening at 4 pm, Mrs Sheema Mohsin met DGP in his office along with other Muslim leaders and gave assurance to police to help maintain peace and asked the police to take a stern action against those who are spreading rumors and trying to divide the people on communal lines. Other prominent leaders present in the meeting were Mr N.A. Harris, Mr Roshan Baig, and Mr Naseer Ahmed MLC, Mr Feroze, Abdulla, Mr Aga Sultan and Dr. Mateen , etc.

At 9 pm, of the same evening, the NDTV took an interview of Mrs Sheema Mohsin along with the North-East leaders in its studio to appeal the people to maintain peace and not to give in to any rumors.

 On 18th August 2012, an iftar party was arranged by the ‘Student Christian Movement of India’ at the SCM Centre, Mission Road , Bangaluru for the Muslims and the North-East people to strengthen the solidarity.

On 19th August 2012, WPI leaders Mr Akbar Ali, Mr Mohammed Ibrahim, Mrs Sheema Mohsin and Mr Iqbal from Mahaaz met Nagaland Transport Minister Mr D.Y. Sema and an IPS officer on special duty from Nagaland and Speaker of the legislative assembly, Sikkim at Kumarkuppa Govt. Guest House and discussed various issues relating to the exodus of North-East people and the importance of keeping the communal forces at bay. It was a successful meeting where Mr Sema acknowledged that he felt reassured after meeting us and extended an invitation to the WPI to visit Nagaland. Later Guwahati National Channel took an interview of Mr D Y Sema and Mrs Sheema Mohsin.

On 20th August 2012, a meeting was arranged at ISI and was attended by various NGOs to lay the action plan on the N. E. Issue.

On 21st August 2012, an exclusive meeting of WPI leaders with ministers from Sikkim at Kumarakrupa Govt. Guest House took place. Dr. SQR Ilyas spoke on behalf of the WPI and gave assurance and importance of maintaining peace and harmony, and he also spoke on the prevailing condition of Assam and the urgency at which this issue has to be addressed and resolved. Speaker of the legislative assembly, and minister for Human resource development of Sikkim assured that they would take up this matter with the union ministers at New Delhi. They were overwhelmed with the response given to them by the WPI leaders, presented gifts and extended an invitation to Sikkim. The other WPI leaders present there were Mrs Lalita Nayak, Mrs Sheema Mohsin, Mr Akbar Ali and Mr Mustafa Baig.

 In the same evening, a joint Eid-Milan party was organized by WPI along with Jumma Masjid Trust for the North-East people at Khuddus Saheb Eidgah. Mr Mohd Ibrahim took the initiative of organizing it. This was well attended by the North-East people in large numbers. The other prominent Muslim leaders present were Mr Jaffer Sharieff, Mr Roshan Baig, Mr N.A. Harris, Mr Ibrahim and religious leaders of all communities. On this occasion Dr. SQR Ilyas gave a very thought provoking speech which was endorsed by everyone. This programmed also got good media coverage.

On 23rd a meeting was organized by various NGOs at ISI Benson Town, Bnagaluru. Here ‘Peace and Solidarity Forum’ was formed with WPI taking up the responsibility of forming a pressure group at ward level.


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