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Resolutions passed at the Federal Working Committee meeting held at ...
   Resolutions passed at the Federal Working Committee meeting held at Delhi on 25-27, October, 2013.
Resolutions passed at the Federal Working Committee meeting held at ...

State of the Nation
The Welfare Party of India observes that the people of the nation are extremely worried at the prevailing unhealthy and undemocratic political situation arising out of misgovernance and petty politics in the country.
The Party expresses its anxiety at the escalating polarisation of the polity on communal lines. There have been overt and covert efforts to spread false propaganda and rumours resulting in communal riots across the country. The ruling Congress has invited the wrath of the people and has lost the mandate and credibility as a result of a range of anti-people policies and widespread corruption. It has failed in containing the galloping inflation and checking the skyrocketing price-rise. The principal opposition party, the BJP, has also severely failed in performing its constitutional duty to check the government and stop its anti-people policies which are designed to benefit the rich and the corporates. People had put faith in regional parties and but these too have robbed of all hope as the leaders of these parties seem more concerned about their personal and family interests than the worries of the common men. As these parties carry no specific agenda for the people, they are engaged in making issues out of non issues. This situation has prompted people to look for alternative options. The Welfare Party of India wants to assure the people of the country that they can invest their faith in the Party which stands for a clean polity and serving the interests of the common man. The party asks its cadres across the country to rise to the demands of the present historic situation.
Communal Violence
The Welfare Party of India is worried about the communal riots which are recurring in many parts of the country on a large scale and massive intensity, especially in north India. In UP, there have taken place around 200 riots during the last one and a half years after the Samajwadi Party was voted to power. Some of the riots like Pratapgarh, Faizabad and now in Muzaffarnagar and adjoining districts have caused immense loss to life and properties of the minority community. These riots adversely affect peaceful coexistence of people and dent our image on the international level. Certain political outfits want to garner votes by instigating these riots and thereby polarising the society on religious and ethnic lines. It is equally disturbing that some secular parties also see communal violence as an opportunity to make mileage with certain segment of society. Welfare Party strongly urges the Central and state governments to put an end to this dangerous game and design.
The Party strongly demands that no further time be wasted in tabling the stalled Prevention of Communal and Targetted Violence Bill in the winter session of Parliament. Had this bill, hanging fire since 2005, been passed, we would have been able to prevent or at least control the recurring of communal violence and would have saved many lives in the process. The Party strongly demands the government to be more alert as there is apprehension that more such violence will be fomented as the parliamentary election approach.
Economic Situation
Welfare Party of India observes with dismay that the UPA government has utterly failed in containing galloping inflation and checking the ever-increasing price rise. Unemployment has gone up to an alarming rate during the UPA rule.  The rate of domestic currency has been drastically falling vis-à-vis foreign currencies. Prices of essential commodities, especially food items have risen sky high and have placed a huge burden on the common men. Welfare Party of India seeks immediate corrective actions to check the price rise and galloping inflation. The government must take tangible steps to contain hoarding and black marketeering. The government has to reverse its pro-corporate policies in order to put economy on track. Also, the government has to strengthen the PDS and ensure availability of essential commodities through this system. The Party reminds the government that lip service and vague assurances that prices will come down in the near future will not serve any purpose. As an immediate action, the government must ban of the export of food items forthwith. What is needed is urgent, result-oriented initiatives.
Electoral reforms
Welfare Party of India strongly subscribes to the opinion that the present electoral system has completely failed us in representing people’s electoral aspirations. Now only money and muscle power decide the fate of elections. The elected representatives and Parliament have failed in correcting the faults of the present system which led the Supreme Court to intervene at many occasions. The Party welcomes the apex court’s order to bar convicted criminals from contesting elections. The Party demands that the present system should be replaced with the proportional representation system and till that comes in effect, changes must be introduced in the current election process. The Party demands that a minimum percentage of polling be made mandatory to declare voting to be valid in a constituency. Likewise, a winning candidate must get a minimum percentage of the total valid votes for his right to represent a particular constituency. The Party strongly demands strict curb and ban on corporate funding for political parties.
Draconian Laws
Welfare Party of India notes with regret that the UPA which had come to power with a promise to repeal POTA, has itself introduced a more strict law in the shape of the amended UAPA, which even lacks many of the safeguards present in the controversial POTA and TADA. The Party notes that hundreds of innocent Muslim youths remain incarcerated in the name of fighting terror and are later acquitted after long years in prison. The Welfare Party urges UPA government to establish monitoring and screening committees at the earliest to monitor all terror cases and establish fast track courts to try these cases. The Party demands the government to solve the social and developmental issues affecting the tribes in Left Wing Extremism affected areas and ensure that human rights violations do not take place. The Party strongly asks to grant bail to the suspects who have been in jails for years without trial.
The party notes that what the concerned and affected people need is not a mere letter of the Union home minister to state chief ministers but tangible steps to alleviate the fear and ensure justice to the arrested youths.
Welfare Party is pained to observe that any remedial or corrective step taken in this regard or for the welfare of the minorities is objected to as “appeasement” by certain political parties and media claiming that such steps tend to polarize the society.

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