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Welfare Party of India terms Hashimpura massacre verdict unfortunate...
   Welfare Party of India terms Hashimpura massacre verdict unfortunate and demands for appeal and due compensation
Welfare Party of India terms Hashimpura massacre verdict unfortunate...

New Delhi: 23rd March, 2015. Welfare Party of India expressed unhappiness while terming the verdict of the Delhi Additional Sessions Judge acquitting all the 16 UP police personnel accused for the 1987 Hashimpura massacre as ‘unfortunate’ and ‘betrayal of justice.’ More than 40 Muslims, most of them youths were killed in the massacre by the notorious UP Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC).

“Events of the darkest day of 22nd May, 1987 took place in broad daylight before the eyes of so many people and were reported widely by the national and international media. The Court citing failure of the witnesses in identifying the accused gave them benefit of doubt. It was neither unexpected nor uncommon for the witness people to fail in identifying the then policemen in uniform with heavy helmets after almost three decades. The court was not kind in giving the witness the same share of the benefit of doubt for providing justice to the victims. It is being reported that there were enough concrete and credible evidences presented before the court by the victims pointing to the culpability of the accused in the massacre, but were all rejected by the Court.

The Akhilesh Yadav UP Government that promised to review all terrorism related cases filed against the Muslim youth in Hashimpura in its political manifesto failed in giving due importance and necessary support that the case deserved. Welfare Party of India demands the UP state government to file immediate appeal and appoint competent legal experts to fight the case and to ensure that the trial is completed within a reasonable time.

Welfare Party of India shares the anguish and anger of the kith and kin of the 42 people killed as justice is being denied and delayed to them. Welfare Party of India strongly demands for legal justice and material justice. Besides appeal and a strong prosecution team, the Party also demands for Rs 25 lakh compensation to the next heir of the killed and a government job for one member from the family. (It is to be mentioned that in a recent incident in Nadapuram of Kozhikode district where a DYFI worker was stabbed to death, the state government had announced a compensation of Rs 25 lakhs.)  A letter in this regard written by Party national general secretary P.C. Hamza reminded the state Chief Minister that only through providing justice, firm faith in the fairness, efficacy and impartiality of the political and judicial system of the nation can be rekindled in the minds of the affected Muslim community of Hashimpura.

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