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Unitedly fight the escalating fascist tendencies: Welfare Party of I...
   Unitedly fight the escalating fascist tendencies: Welfare Party of India
Unitedly fight the escalating fascist tendencies: Welfare Party of I...
Unitedly fight the escalating fascist tendencies: Welfare Party of India New Delhi: 27th February, 2016. While expressing its serious worries of the present atmosphere of intolerance, intimidation and fear, Welfare Party of India felt the country was reeling under an undeclared emergency. Addressing a press conference at Party HQRS, national president Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas informed the Party would launch a nationwide campaign titled "Restore Democracy, Say ' NO ' to Fascism." “Ever since the BJP led Modi government came to power, the right wing elements have been making all out efforts to impose a particular way of thinking and culture, destroying the very diversity and plurality of the nation. Intolerance of the Sangh parivar has gone to the extent that right to differ and dissent has become virtually impossible in the country. Efforts are made to make higher educational institutions and universities not as centers of excellence and debate, but centers of shakhas and surrender. Students belonging to vulnerable sections like Dalits, tribes and minorities face discrimination of administration and others. Incidents of “institutional” suicides are on the rise in our universities. Rohith Vemula of Hyderabad Central University is the latest victim. Pressed by political pressure from the Sangh outfits, HUC authorities levelled unfounded accusations against the students forcing Rohith to take the extreme step of suicide,” Dr. Ilyas continued. “The country witnessed unparallel and hitherto unheard incidents of attack of “hooligans” in black robes and civil dress on Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNU students’ union president, journalists and teachers. The police become passive spectators and assure safe passage to law breakers. Law of the land has been overtaken by Jungle Raj in the national capital. The Supreme Court had to intervene and even their appointed panel members had to run for their life in Patiala Court premises. Where is the country heading to, he asked.“While condemning the alleged anti-national slogans in the JNU campus, the university officials at the behest of BJP and ABVP has blown an issue which could have been solved there itself out of proportion to the extent that it has become an international issue now. Leading international newspapers, globally renowned academicians and world famous universities condemn the crackdown and witch hunt on JNU and its students. Welfare Party demanded to conduct fair trial, drop sedition charges and release the students arrested.Welfare Party of India expressed its serious concern and anguish over the nefarious efforts to engage state instruments and agencies for political gain by the BJP government. To bring military, ex-military into political type of agitations and conflicts will invite disastrous consequences.The party wanted to underline that it is highly worrying to bring nation and nationalism in trivial political issues. The BJP’s doctrine as spelt by its Aligarh MP in a threatening letter to the AMU Vice Chancellor suggests that being against BJP, RSS and the Government is anti- national. It resonate the hymns that were sung during the emergency period, India is Indira and Indira is India. The new Sangh sycophantic lyrics, India is Modi and Modi is India will face the same fate of Congress hymn. Mixing government and nation and making the border line between government and nation wither away is a disastrous step. Dr. Ilyas alleged that the Modi government is resorting to these divisive politics and emotional national and anti-national separation to cover up its failures. The Party urges all democratic forces, social organizations and movements, members of all Dalit, tribes and minorities to come together and fight for regaining and strengthening the democracy that we got after heavy loss. The press meet was also attended by P.C Hamza, national general secretary, A. Subramani, and K. Ambujakshan, national secretaries, Engr. Rashid Hussain and Siraj Talib, state presidents of Rajastan and Delhi.
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