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Welfare Party of India formed unit in Gujarat
Welfare Party of India formed unit in Gujarat
Welfare Party of India formed unit in Gujarat

New Delhi: 12th February, 2017. Welfare Party of India launched its Gujarat state unit at an impressive public meeting held at Ambedkar auditorium, Ahmadabad which was attended by large number of women also. Delivering keynote address, Welfare Party of India national general secretary P.C.  Hamza said the Party will fulfill aspirations of the people of the state searching for a real and alternative political option. 

"The country is going through a critical situation of undeclared emergency. Diversities and differences are being suppressed and a particular thought is being imposed by force on the people. Constitutional institutions are slowly being made dysfunctional and democratic traditions are being torn apart. The recent report of people belonging to Sangh outfit running an illegal telephone exchange in Madhya Pradesh to facilitate Pakistan ISI and being caught shows the duplicity of those who question the patriotism of others," he continued.  Felicitation to the programme was made by noted personalities of the town like Sukhdev Patel, Advt.  Raghunath Chaara, Dr. Surendra Paal Gautham, Raju Solanki and Shamsudheen Peerzada who extended their wholehearted cooperation to the Party in its future actions.
Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas in his presidential remarks came down heavily on the economic policies of the government favouring corporates and ignoring the poor. He expressed confidence that good citizens of Gujarat will recapture its lost traditions of tolerance and brotherhood and will ensure social inclusion of the marginalized sections like Dalits, minorities and tribes etc.

The meeting expressed concern over increasing atrocities against women and Dalits. The meeting asked the state government to take effective steps to halt pollution in the state capital and not to sell the water of Narmada to industrialists at cheaper rates at the cost of farmers and common people in search of drinking water and also to rehabilitee the tribals evacuated for the dam. Party also asked to halt the shameful practice of fixed paltry salary for its employees without increment or allowances for five years and for keeping them like bonded labourers and prompting to corrupt practices. The meeting demanded to rehabilitate the 2002 riot victims fully, provide compensation and to extend infra structure facilities to those living in the colonies built by NGOs and community organizations.

20- members adhoc committee with Shafi Madani as convenor and Ikram Mirza joint-convenor was constituted to organize the Party in the state. Shafi Madani extended welcome and Ikram Mirza proposed vote of thanks.

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