Women constitute about one half of the global population but they are placed in various disadvantageous positions due to gender differences and bias. For centuries, they have been the victims of violence and exploitation. Rampant abuses against them have been excused, ignored or taken for granted.

With the recent rape and murder of a 23year old girl in Delhi, the civilized society has finally woken up from its slumber and joined hands to assert their solidarity and struggle against subjugation, subordination, oppression, and suppression of women to reverse centuries of discrimination, injustices, and violence against them .

One needs to congratulate the civil society and support this growing solidarity. However, there are certain methodologies to be adopted to empower and ensure safety of the humanity’s largest marginalized group “The Women.”

Let us begin with the LAW, Its ignorance makes one subservient and subordinate, interpreting them, only makes one wise. Though, there is no dearth of legislation in our country. The Parliament and the state legislatures churn out numerous laws. Are they effective? Are they made with the complete understanding of human nature and requirements? One such law is the ‘law of Rape’ under Section 375 of IPC. It is not only ineffective but also has many discrepancies. The very definition of Rape is inadequate. “Rape is not just about, inhuman manifestation of extreme sexual urge but about violence, humiliation, power, aggression and patriarchy.” Taking this in consideration, rape should be redefined under Indian Penal Code and Rape laws should be reformed and reframed in this light.

The bigger challenge is the implementation of the law with many hurdles in the form of shoddy investigation, poor forensics, and misogynist attitude of the police and judiciary.

As the famous proverb says, “Prevention is better than cure.” Let us look at the preventive measures which can contain this crime if not completely stop them.

Most of the atrocities and directly linked with the feudal mind-set, and patriarchy which perceives women as inferior and allows the indecent representation of women which glamorizes and degrades them, and asserts their subordinate function as a mere receptacles for male lust.

There is an Act already in existence in India called “The Indecent Representation of Woman Prohibition Act.” This Act prohibits indecent representation of woman through advertisement, movies, paintings, and writings, etc. It calls them derogatory to woman which corrupts or injures the public morality. But there is no political will to implement it, and hence, it is lying in cold storage. A strong legislative effort coupled with a wide spread social awareness with morality and ethics is needed to fight this menace so that women are not perceived as commodity but as individuals with rights and dignity.

This also implies that women need to dress appropriately and modestly. In the recent protest in Town hall in Bangalore, one protester was holding a banner which read, “How I dress is no excuse for the rapist.” True, rape cannot be reasoned. It cannot be excused, and it cannot be justified. Having said so, one cannot shy away from the responsibility and obligation one has towards the society. It is a proven fact that indecent clothing provokes men. It can heighten the animal passions in some sick minds. Although, these women may not get raped, molested or even teased, but some women or minor girls somewhere sometime may not be so lucky. They may become the victims of some senseless desire created by someone else.

Another significant menace adding to today’s problem is the excess of intermingling of sexes. Intermingling cannot be completely stopped; it is bound to happen and even becomes necessary at times. Even then it is important to avoid too much laxity and the decorum in dress, speech and behavior must be maintained at all times. It is the segregation of sex which will lead to self preservation and purity with each having enough space to grow and nourish their talents and potential .In this context, the unisex schools should be encouraged and separate transport or seating arrangement must be done in public transport, as this will help in creating the much desired private space in public domain.

The institution of marriage should be held in a very high esteem. Any physical relationship between a man and women outside this institution should be severely condemned. Strong laws like the Capital Punishment to the adulterator must be implemented who violates this sacred institution. In Indian secular outlook, an act is not a crime if it is not in violation of law. However, it may be condemned as a disregard to moral values. Under this guise, many arguments are justified of being ‘Adult’ or with ‘Consent.’ If this is tolerated, it will lead to promiscuity which will weaken the social and moral fabric of the society. Remember, once this gets accepted in the society a minor/major without consent which amounts to rape will pave its way into the society eroding all ethics and values and robbing humanity of human beings.

It is a proven fact that many of these crimes like rape are committed under the influence of alcohol. By giving permit to manufacture and sale of alcohol, the government is indirectly contributing in the increase of crime on women. If it is really serious in curbing these crimes, then it should put a ban on the manufacturing and sale of alcohol.

With all these preventive measures, there should be not only stringent but an exemplary punishment awarded to the rapist. A punishment of this nature can be stoning to Death in full public view, so that no one else dares to commit such heinous crimes.

These preventive measures are not new; they were there but you looked at them as retrogative, outdated, and hence, not applicable in this modern civilized world of yours. You brushed aside any sane discussion or argument. You never gave credit it deserved; you didn’t accept them; so, you didn’t practice and looked down on those who did. Now it has fallen flat on your face; you are now crying for stoning to Death as a punishment to a rapist; you are now asking for decent clothing for girls; you are now pulling down the portraits where women are indecently portrayed; you are now asking for separate transport; you now want the alcohol to be banned completely.

Were these not the teachings of ISLAM which you have denied not so long ago???

 Women who constitute 50% should be protected and various methodologies should be adopted by the state to ensure their safety. Remember, if one half of the humanity is not liberated, then the whole humanity is not liberated. Both Men and Women should enjoin good and forbid evil and work towards building an egalitarian society.


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