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Welfare Party of India AP State Conference
Welfare Party of India AP State Conference

Welfare Party of India, Andhra Pradesh will hold its first state conference with a mass rally on 26th May 2013 at Nizam College Ground Hyderabad.

The rally will be addressed by the National President of the Party Mr. Mujtaba Farooq, Vice presidents, Dr. B.T. Lalitha Naik and ML Abdul  Wahab Khilji, General Secretary Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas and other central and state leaders.

The organizers expect that the conference will be attended by a large number of delegates drawn from all districts of the state and may be a major political event.


Welfare Party of India is an emerging political force with its distinct philosophy of “value-based politics”. Within a short span of time after its inception in April 2011, it has started its work in 10 states of the country. In all the states, prominent politicians, social and religious leaders, intellectuals and reformers have been joining the party.  

The party is concerned about rising inequality and “criminalisation”, “commercialization”, “communalization” and the “sectarianization” of politics in the country. While the country has shown remarkable economic growth, the results of that growth couldn’t be effectively reached to wipe out the menaces of social inequality, poverty, unemployment, rural backwardness and malnutrition. The main reason for the inequality and injustice is the flawed policies followed through a long course of time by the mainstream parties influenced by the pro- corporate, imperialist and fascist ideologies.

The party is seriously concerned about the rising communalism in the Indian political arena. The real test of a democracy is how it treats its minorities. The largest minority of the country, the Muslims, have gradually become the most backward social group by official figures itself. By all educational, economic and other developmental measures, they went through unprecedented downfall in post-independent India. They couldn’t still get rid of the lethal sense of insecurity. The violent communal fascism always keeps them terrorised. The state excesses, many a times, in the name of curbing communal conflicts or countering terrorism, continue without interruption. Such despotic currents are indeed a warning bell for any healthy democracy. Socio economic conditions of Dalits and tribals also do not differ with that of the minorities.


The Party believes that the most important factor responsible for this situation is the peculiar political culture that has been built-up on the foundations of corruption, nepotism, casteism and community favouritism, elitism and dynastic polity. Exploitation, oppression, treachery and narrow-minded bigotry are the indispensable and logical outcome of this culture.

The Party firmly believes that our body politics need a paradigm shift, a kind of metamorphosis, a change from deep roots. It requires massive social awakening, alternative political culture and a new political traditions and environment.

To bring out this change, the Party is trying to attract individuals having record of flawless public service and who are able to fight and offer sacrifices for values and ideals. The party consists of people from all communities, classes and social groups.

Welfare Party of India is a movement for reforming the Indian politics and will try to realise a welfare state based on values governed by the principles of Justice, Freedom, Equality and Fraternity.

The Party argues for humane development that ensures justice and equality, it believes in inclusiveness and pluralism and stand for cultural federalism.

Though the state chapter has been functioning for many months, the Party will come to active fore by a massive rally to be held on 26th May at Nizam College grounds. Mr. Malik Moatasim Khan is the State President.

 The party will spell out its agenda and vision and also the roadmap and programmes to achieve its objective at the rally.

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