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Welfare Party President Mujtaba Farooq writes to Prime Minister urgi...
   Welfare Party President Mujtaba Farooq writes to Prime Minister urging to control price rise
Welfare Party President Mujtaba Farooq writes to Prime Minister urgi...

Dr. Manmohan Singhji
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
New Delhi.

Respected Sir,
Hope this will find you in the best of health.
The Welfare Party of India wishes to draw your kind attention to the soaring prices of almost all essential commodities which making the life of the common man unbearable. The official figures of retail prices of essential commodities published by the Department of Consumer Affairs speak volumes about the grim situation.
In this regard, the Welfare Party of India urges the government to effectively intervene and efficiently arrest the price rise. It is highly worrying that such a situation arises when our warehouses are full and the country has witnessed record production of foodgrains, which is the highest in 60 years as per official figures.
The Welfare Party makes the following suggestions and demands:


a) The government must intervene with tangible steps and measures to maintain the demand and supply equation. Food materials should be released from the government stocks and warehouses, imports to be made if demands compel to do so.

b) Constitute a price regulatory authority with enough powers to regulate and maintain prices of essential materials.

c) Strengthen Public Distribution System (PDS) and make available the essential commodities through the PDS at affordable prices.

d) The situation of price rise is exploited and aggravated by hoarders and black-marketers. Government must come strongly against such traders and their heinous crime should be treated at par with anti-national activity. We suggest the future trading in agricultural produce should be banned forthwith as it is directly responsible for raising food prices.

e) The Government should desist from all reported steps to increase prices of diesel, cooking gas, raising rail freight charges which will further push the price rise.

f) It is high time for the UPA Government to rethink the economic policy. It has to be humane and released from corporate clutches. Foreign investments with no strings attached have proved to be a bane not a gain for our economy as seen in the continuing slide of the national currency vis-à-vis the US dollar.

We earnestly request you to give necessary directions to the concerned Ministries and Departments regarding the points raised above.

Thanking you
With kind regards

Mujtaba Farooq

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