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Welfare Party delegation to Muzaffarnagar says, state government cla...
   Welfare Party delegation to Muzaffarnagar says, state government claims false
Welfare Party delegation to Muzaffarnagar says, state government cla...

New Delhi, 13 September, 2013:

After visiting the communally disturbed areas of Muzaffarnagar district of UP, the two-member delegation of the Welfare Party of India alleged the claims of the UP government of continuous patrolling of the affected areas by para-military forces to be false and misleading. The state government has not yet taken hard and stringent action against the rioters and the victims are still to get adequate relief materials, the delegation continued. The delegation comprising national general secretary Dr. S.Q.R.  Ilyas and national secretary Dr Tasleem Rehmani, visited adjoining Shamli, Baghpat and other violence hit areas also.

The Party delegation observed that the number of persons killed during the riots might be much higher to what the state government says. The Party leaders after interacting with local people clarified that had the government been serious in dealing with the situation in the initial stage itself, it would not have taken the worse turn of today. The delegation came down heavily on the administration for sanctioning the Mahapanchayat to take place. The delegation opined that the Samajwadi Party, which enjoys considerable support among the Muslims wanted to play the role of protector of the community whereas the opposition BJP tried to polarize and communalise the situation and both wanted to crack the RLD vote bank by putting them in the front of the communal battleground. The delegation feared that there might be further efforts by the conspirators to aggravate the atmosphere and spread their communal agenda to neighboring Meerut, Deoband and Saharanpur. The delegation appealed all peace loving people to thwart the evil designs of mischief mongers and asked the state government and the administration to deal harshly with law breakers.

The delegation appealed the people to submit their complaints and pleas properly for compensation for the killed, injured and missing persons and for places of worship and houses burnt or ruined. 
The WPI delegation blamed the Samajwadi Party government failed in handling the situation. Hence, it should be dismissed immediately and President's rule should be imposed in the state.
The delegation demanded to take strong actions against erring officials and to enhance the compensation to Rs. 25 lakh for the killed and Rs. 5 lakh for the injured and to distribute it at once. The Party also asked for proper rehabilitation of the people living in relief camps.

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