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Welfare party of India national campaign against draconian laws; mas...
   Welfare party of India national campaign against draconian laws; mass protest rally at janatar mantar on october 2nd.
Welfare party of India national campaign against draconian laws; mas...

New Delhi: September 23. Welfare Party of India will launch a national campaign against all draconian and black laws that undermine democratic values and rights. In a press release issued by the Party Headquarters, convenor of the national campaign P.C. Hamza alleged that in the pretext of fighting terrorism or combating violence, the central and state governments amass extra powers and use it against own citizens. Anti-terror laws are being used to terorise the people. Innocent youth in thousands, mostly from minority Muslim and Dalit communities along with the tribes are put behind bars for years as under trials and later at the end of the trial, acquitted on finding guiltless. Those who cannot engage the costly legal fight, languish in jails without end. Scores of incidents like Ishrat Jahan case has undoubtedly proved that fake encounters in the guise of fighting terrorism were engineered with overt approval of political leadership and administrative officials for political ends and personal benefits. Welfare Party is of the strong conviction that all these draconian laws are enacted to suppress dissenting voice against the anti-people policies of the governments, at the centre or states. The anti-people policies are made to benefit global  multinationals or national corporate giants. The press release continued that democracy will not flourish under the shadow of terror laws and a strong nation cannot be built by intimidation, but by inclusiveness of its citizens. National campaign convenor informed that the Party will strongly raise its voice against the black laws and will launch various programmes across the country in coming October. A mass protest rally will be held at Parliament Street, Janatar Mantar on October 2nd. Other than WPI office bearers, leaders of various political parties, social and human right activists will address the rally.


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