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Laws making life of citizens horrible are nothing but dark and draco...
   Laws making life of citizens horrible are nothing but dark and draconian, says Rajinder Sachar.
Laws making life of citizens horrible are nothing but dark and draco...

New Delhi: 2 October. Laws enacted by the government should ease the burden and give light to the people to get out of darkness. Unfortunately certain laws being introduced in the country make their life horrible and dejected forcing them to remain in darkness and that is why these laws have to be called black and draconian, said Justice Rajinder Sachar, former Chief Justice, Delhi High Court. He was inaugurating the protest rally held in connection with the month-long national campaign of the Welfare Party of India against draconian laws at Jantar Mantar. Addressing a good gathering, Mr. Sachar, known across the nation and abroad, for submitting the Sachar Committee report as per central government direction that highlighted the pitiable condition of the largest minority community in socio-economic spheres, said what the minorities demand is their constitutional and civic rights and not concessions or considerations.

It is absurd to say that TADA and POTA have been withdrawn and renounced, while all pending cases charged under these two anti-terror draconian laws were allowed to continue and the affected still suffer from its woes. There seems a kind of ‘friendly’ deal between the Congress and the BJP in the case of anti-terror laws. Justice Sachar further added that it is not simple but of serious implications and inner-meanings that courts after hearing terror related cases with utmost care for years acquit the youth finding them innocent. Why no charges framed against these erring officials, he asked.

The anti-terror laws create conducive environment for globalization which affect whole Indians but in particular who feed themselves with their traditional and handicraft ventures of low profile. A good number of Muslims engaged in these ventures are totally collapsed due to globalization. Justice Rajinder Sachar said he fails to understand the claims of the central government of financial growth, when reports of large scale closure of medium and small business ventures due to globalization and increasing rate of unemployment are coming across the country. He emphasized the need for relentless fight at various levels to get all these kinds of laws withdrawn and civil liberties ensured and vowed all his support.

Dr.S.Q.R. Ilyas dealt in detail of many terror events of which the civic society could not defuse their confusion and come to strong conviction. Doubts of right wing terrorism have been proved as daylight, but many innocents had to serve for years in hells of Indian jails for false implications. Who will and how their precious youth years could be repaired and recouped, asked Dr. Ilyas. Will any prosecution official be sacked for this malicious act so as to rekindle their confidence in the fairness of the Indian civil and judicial system, he enquired.

S.R.Darapuri, former Inspector General of Police, Uttar Pradesh elaborated that there exist a mindset inimical to Muslims, Christians, dalits and tribes in the administrative and other establishments of the state. The infiltration of right-wing RSS outfit into these establishments accelerated this phenomenon and it is an alarming signal.

Ravi Nair, executive director of South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre said so many laws with unlimited powers to police and other institutions of the state infringing civil liberties and citizens’ rights will gradually lead to authoritarianism.

Prof. Mohammed Sulaiman, president, Indian National League advocated for unity among the affected victims and the marginalized groups till they get their rights. He also underlined the need for a third political option to the Congress and the BJP.
The protest rally presided over by national president Mujtaba Farooq, was addressed among others by Tej Singh, president, Ambedkar Samaj Party, Prof. Nandita Narain, president, Delhi University Teachers Association, Mohammed Ahamed, secretary, Jama-at-e-Islami Hind, Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, president, All India Majlis-e-Mushawarat, Prem Singh, president Socialist Party of India, Dr. Tasleem Rehmani and Subramani, secretaries, Welfare Party. Campaign convenor P.C. Hamza extended welcome. He said various programmes including signature campaign to the prime minister will be implemented during the campaign, which will come to end with a huge programme at Hyderabad on November 3. State office bearers, S.N. Sikander (Tamil Nadu), Akbarali Udupi (Karnataka), Hameed Vaniyamabalam (Kerala), Mohammed Sadiq (Andhra Pradesh), Dr. Raeesudheen (West Bengal), Rashid Husain (Rajasthan), and Arshad Farooqui (Uttar Pradesh) also attended the programme.

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