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Welfare Party Of India Urges Collective Fight Against Draconian Laws
Welfare Party Of India Urges Collective Fight Against Draconian Laws

Kozhikode: November, 15.

The meet to protest draconian laws held at Kozhikode town hall under the auspices of the Welfare Party of India state unit urged all like-minded groups and democratic forces to come together to put up a fortifying resistance against all such draconian laws prevailing in the country that undermine basic democratic rights and freedom of expression. Inaugurating the protest meet at Kozhikode town hall attended by a large gathering, WPI national secretary Mr. A. Subramani alleged the central and state governments are using the same cruel laws enacted by colonial masters during their autocratic rule to suppress democratic rights and legitimate voices of own citizens in independent India.The meet presided over by the recently elected state president Mr. Abdul Hameed Vaniyamabalam was attended by political leaders, journalists, writers and cinema critics. Mr. Vaniymbalam lamented that the bills while introduced in the parliaments didn’t undergo serious discussion and analysis.

Mr. K.E.N. Kunhahammed, famous leftist writer said that the state itself becomes the worst oppressor and tool of terror. The extra-over-powers at the hands of the state are used against own citizens to serve the interests of corporates and neo-imperial masters. Mr. K.P. Sasi, well-known film documentarist and director said that AFSPA couldn’t bring the insurgency down. Many of the protests in north-east or Kashmir were started in peaceful Gandhian ways and later took the ugly violent turn due to the wrong policies of the governments. What we see now is manufactured terrorism. Abdunnasir Ma’dani had to languish for no reason in Coimbatore jail for more than nine years and again put inside in Bangluru prison and nothing happened for a single erring police official. The vast amount of and not-to-be-never-audited money that the intelligence and investigating agencies get is one of the reasons for the state terrorism and fake encounters.

Mr.N.P. Chekkutty, famous journalist and executive editor Thejus daily said that the Muslim community throughout the history fought against colonialism and imperialism and that was why the British called them a criminal community. He asked that all investigative agencies be made accountable to the Parliament.

Mr. A.P.Abdul Wahab of the Indian National League said that there is genetical accord between fascism and terrorism. State of fear and insecurity among communities is used by anti-social elements to breed criminals. Mr.K.S. Hariharan of Revolutionary Marxist Party a breakaway group of the CPI (M) asked for a unified effort and initiative to protest against all inhuman and draconian laws. Mr. Sabu Kottarakkara of the People’s Democratic Party said that terror events became rampant in the country soon after the relationship with the Israel was strengthened.

Mr. P.C. Hamza, national general secretary of the Party in his concluding speech said that as many controversies have been raised regarding many of the terror events and as the credibility of the investigating agencies itself is in question mark, nothing short of an impartial inquiry by a Supreme Court judge and a white paper thereafter will be sufficient to clear the clouds of doubts. Mr. P.C. Bhaskaran, district president welcomed the gathering while Mr.P.K.Abdurahman, secretary proposed vote of thanks.

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