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Welfare Party Of India Kerala Unit Asks To Implement Of Gadgil Commi...
   Welfare Party Of India Kerala Unit Asks To Implement Of Gadgil Committee Recommendations
Welfare Party Of India Kerala Unit Asks To Implement Of Gadgil Commi...

Thiruvannthapuram: 20th November, 2013

 Mr. Abdul Hameed Vaniyambalam, the newly elected president of Welfare Party of India Kerala unit asked for the implementation of the Gadgil Committee recommendations for the preservation and protection of Western Ghats.  While reciprocating to the warm reception accorded by the Trivandrum District Committee to the newly elected office bearers at Gandhi park maidan, he said that the true face of the two fronts, LDF and UDF, succumbing to the pressure and interests of the powerful sand –quarry mafia has come to fore. Those who come with the Kasturirangan report do so with the intention of the Gadgil recommendations to wither and to be forgotten. The claim of the left of having ideal outlook regarding ecology and environment has been shattered with their stand they have taken in the case of western Ghats preservation and the hartal and agitations that they are spearheading in the state.  He alleged that the left in Kerala side with the forest encroachers and land mafia and spread fear among the people for narrow political gains. It is ridiculous that while many thousands will really be driven away from their dwellings for the expansion of national highway across the state, the two fronts and mainstream political parties keep mum. He added that the Welfare Party will change the political map of India with its continuous support for mass agitations.

 Inaugurating the reception meeting, national general secretary P.C. Hamza said that the common people suffer a lot due to the wrong economic policies of the UPA-led central government. Corruption has reached the peak and the integrity and sovereignty of the country itself are at stake. BJP, the principal opposition is a photocopy of the Congress in the case of corruption and corporate-appeasing economic policy. Dangerously it has been polarizing the polity on communal lines. If the present prime minister is a dole in the hands of the corporates, the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP is their favorite leader. Welfare Party of India is committed to forge an alternative political culture and course in the country, he added. The meeting was also attended by general secretaries Ambujakshan and Abdul Hakeem, Vice-presidents Thennilapuram Radhakrishnan, Surendran Karippuzha and Prema Pisharati, Secretaries Sreeja Neyyattinkara, Razak Paleri, Sasi Pandalam, K.A. Shafeeq and district office bearers Rajagopalan Nair and Ashraf Kallara


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