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Release people of other states put in Kerala jail in orphanage episo...
   Release people of other states put in Kerala jail in orphanage episode: Welfare Party of India
Release people of other states put in Kerala jail in orphanage episo...

Kozhikode: 30th June, 2014

Welfare Party of India asked the Kerala government to drop serious non-bailable charges such as human trafficking against eleven persons from Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal now lodged in Palakkad sub jail. These people, who had brought children to be admitted in orphanages in Kerala were held at Palakkad railway station and have been charged with serious offences. Under age boys and girls of different age groups in large numbers while alighting at the station became the centre of attention of officials and were checked for tickets. A few of them without valid tickets were fined.  589 children suddenly became hot news for media. Palakkad District Child Welfare Committee people and police officials soon intervened and the issue became serious news and not yet subsided still. Of these 186 children were sent back to their respective states. In this regard, 11 people have been charged with offences like human trafficking and are put up in Palakkad jail.

Addressing media persons here at Calicut Press Club, WPI national general secretary Mr. P.C. Hamza said the motive behind sending children to orphanages in Kerala is the better socio-educational facilities available
in the state. Not a single parent has lodged complaint of force or luring. As the state Home Minister himself has clarified of no trafficking and admitted of lapse from the part of officials while drafting the F.I.R, and
major political parties have asked to repeal the case, the Party asked the state administration to withdraw the serious charges and release the accused immediately. The Party also asked the officials of various
department to desist from the practice of repeatedly interrogating other state inmates at the orphanages bringing them unbearable psychological and emotional torment and torture. While answering to queries of press personnel, Welfare Party leaders made it clear that they were not against penalizing orphanage authorities or any other for procedural lapses, but were against blowing things out of proportion even to the extent of communal polarization. The press conference was attended by State Secretary Mr. Razack Paleri, District President Mr.P.C. Bhaskaran and Media Secretary Mustafa Palazhi.

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