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Press meet in Bangalore Press club today on 20th Bangalore
Press meet in Bangalore Press club today on 20th Bangalore

The BJP government led by Narendra Modi came to power promising development for all and an end to corruption. During the election campaigns, Mr. Modi and his parivar members vowed to bring prices down and to bring back black money siphoned off to foreign banks. Modi promised good and maximum governance with minimum government. After six months, it is seen that the saffron government with absolute majority and no compulsion of coalition partners as was the case of the UPA, has surpassed the Congress in implementing anti people policies. Schemes benefitting millions of poor are being watered down whereas corporate and multi nationals get more sops and concessions. Ache Din is not for the common men but for the corporate and multinationals.

Prices of petroleum products were increased soon after the government assumed power as like the previous UPA Government. Crude oil price has sharply come down recently and its benefit has not been transferred to the common men. While making nominal reduction in the price of petroleum products, it increased the excise duty to fill government treasury. Rail fare was hiked in the name of costly diesel price and as it has come down considerably, the rail fare hike has to be revoked as per the promise of market related tariff policy.

The Government is watering down the prestigious MGNREGS which in spite of shortcomings have given new life and impetus to the rural India. The new policy will restrict it to minimal areas and also will choke the fund resource availability.

The Modi Government has gone to the extreme to appease the US masters as has been done by Mr. Manmohan Singh in the case of the Nuclear Liability Bill. Before going to US in            September, 2014, where his entry was banned for his alleged role in the Gujarat communal pogrom, Mr. Modi has revoked the guidelines issued by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA). As per the guidelines issued in May 2014, the NPPA had the power to fix even prices of drugs not coming under the national list of essential medicines. NPPA had capped prices of 108 drugs and this guideline has been scrapped to benefit US-based drug MNCs. Soon after the decision, prices of many vital drugs have gone high manifold like Glivec for the treatment of cancer from Rs 8500/ to 108000/=.

The BJP resorted to communal polarization exploiting the Muzaffarnagar events to make political dividend in UP. Soon after it came to power at Centre, scores of communal flare ups took place in many parts of the country. Policy of dividing countrymen on communal and religious lines for attaining power is going on unabated in the country. Isolated events like love marriages are being used to spread hatred and venom. Communal incidents like Trilokpuri in Delhi in a poll bound state cannot be seen as isolated. Speeches of BJP leaders including members of assemblies and parliaments create division and polarization. Sab ka sath, sab ka vikas is being proclaimed, but not seen being practiced by its protagonists.

Welfare Party finds that an undeclared emergency type situation is being imposed in the country. Political opponents are being taunted and hunted to keep silence; only one voice of one man is being heard from the ruling party. Reports of snooping of own cabinet ministers appear in the media. Threat of aggressive communal fascism is being looming over the nation. Welfare Party of India appreciates the move of members of the Janata parivar to form a single block in the Parliament and to evolve common strategy. Welfare Party opines that efforts to contain communal fascism should be fought on political as well ideological level. The ill feelings and resentment of people regarding some of the parties that have come forward to fight communal fascism cannot be underestimated.   It is the responsibility of these parties to prove their credentials and to demonstrate that their efforts are not for temporary political gains alone.

The Land Acquisition Act passed in the later periods of the UPA regime is the result of long struggles and campaigns by socio-political groups and parties. BJP Government’s move to amend the Act before its proper implementation and evaluation thereafter is nothing but to appease big real estate lobbies and will result in large scale confiscation and conversion of agricultural land. It will further accelerate the mass exodus of rural Bharavasis to urban India.

Labour Laws in India are the result of long struggles of the working class and the Union BJP Government is to change it altogether and the start has been made from Rajasthan. Labour class will be at the mercy of corporate and MNCs with no surety and security for their jobs.

The BJP government failed in bringing black money supposed to be in millions of dollars. No serious efforts are made by the central government and the same lame duck justifications of the UPA are being replayed. We see no difference between the Congress and the BJP in the case of black money.


Welfare Party of India demands that

·         The deregulation policy of fixing the price of petroleum products to be withdrawn and the authority to fix price be kept with the central government. The increased rail fare has to be rolled back immediately.

·         The central government must revoke its decision to water down the NREGS programme.

·         The central government must roll back the ordinance doing away the capping of prices of drugs taken by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) .

·         Those who spread communal venom and polarization be handled sternly and the Prime Minister have to come clean and clear in this regard.

·         The government must desist from the move to make changes to the Land Acquisition Act.

·         Welfare Party of India strongly oppose all move to change the Labour Laws.

·         The Central Government must take concrete measures to bring the black money and must not befool the public further.

On other hand, sexual assault against children and women is on the rise in Karnataka; minorities are being attacked regularly in the pretext of cattle transportation and moral policing. Communal clashes are continued under the Congress regime. The failure of law& order reflects the Government’s poor way of functioning.  Both the local administration and the state government have failed to provide a suitable solution to the garbage issue from past 2 years.

            The chief minister assures corruption-free governance, while his cabinet colleagues are accused of land grabbing.   The Welfare Party urges the Karnataka CM to drop the ministers, who are accused of such corrupt practices.



Welfare Bhawan,Bnagalore



Dignitaries Present at the Press Conference: Mr.SQR Ilyas, National President,Mr.P C Hamza National General Secretary,Mrs.B T Lalitha Naik,Mrs.Sheema Mohsin,Mr.Akbar Ali.

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