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New revolution imminent in Bengal, next Chief Minister from Dalit co...
   New revolution imminent in Bengal, next Chief Minister from Dalit community: Abdur Razzak Molla
New revolution imminent in Bengal, next Chief Minister from Dalit co...

Kolkata: 25th December, 2014. With coming together of Dalit and Muslim communities, who have been marginalized from socio-economic spheres and been treated as mere vote bank in political fields, a new revolution will emerge in West Bengal, emphatically declared Abdul Razzak Molla, veteran former CPI(M) leader and President of the  Bhartiya Nyay Bichar Party (BNP). Mr. Molla was delivering keynote address at the launching ceremony of Gano Front, a platform of six parties initiated by his BNP, at an impressive rally attended by many thousands drawn across from almost all parts of the state including huge number of women at Rani Rashmoni Avenue.
“34 year rule of the CPM treated Muslims as mere vote bank. The attitude of the TMC is not much different from that of the CPM. The combination of 30% Muslims and an equal percentage of Dalit and tribes of the state if align with other backward communities will make it around 90 % of the state population. The significant role played by Muslims and Dalit in almost all socio-political struggles of the past in the state is an accepted fact. The upper and creamy layer castes stood passively during these struggles, but have been taking away bulk of all socio-economic-political benefits. The social hierarchy of and exploitation by the Mukherjees, Banerjees, Chatterjees, Battacharjees etc will come to an end. With the new political initiative in a strong commanding position to influence electoral swing of more than 130 of the 294 assembly constituencies, the next Chief Minister of West Bengal will be a Dalit and the deputy CM will be from the Muslim community,” declared Molla sahib amidst thunderous applause of the audience. He made a demand that all the communities and sections be given share in political empowerment and distribution of fruits of development proportionate to their demographic composition.

P.C. Hamza, national general secretary of the Welfare Party of India alleged that the Modi-led BJP government at the centre was taking the country to disaster with its corporate-capitalist appeasing policies and the divisive and polarising communal agendas of the Sangh parivar. Frustration has been growing fast among even those who supported the BJP in last election. He said initiatives for alternates at centre and states are getting momentum and the new Gano Front attempt will strengthen all such initiatives. Among the prominent speakers who addressed the rally representing the constituents of the Gano Front  include Dr. Raisuddeen (Welfare Party of India), Amitab Dutta (Janata Dal-United) Mohammed Shahabuddeen (SDPI), Mruthyunjayan Mallick ( Republican Party of India-Athawle), Sumanta Hira (West Bengal Gana Thantrik Manch). Political observers opine that entry of the new political front will disturb political equations of the state.

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