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Welfare Party of India submitted memorandum to the President of Indi...
   Welfare Party of India submitted memorandum to the President of India over mob lynchings.
Welfare Party of India submitted memorandum to the President of Indi...
Sri Pranab Kumar Mukherjee,
Honorable President of India,
New Delhi.
Respected Sir,
We the undersigned citizens want to share our heartfelt feelings and urge you politely to intervene by using your offices to put permanent hold to the surge of inhuman mob lynching incidents in the country.
Our nation has been known for peaceful coexistence of its diverse cultures and faiths. Unity in diversity is the beauty of our great nation. Recent developments that have been taking place in the country ever since the BJP-led governments came to power at the centre and in some states cause to annihilate this plurality from its roots. Calculated efforts in the name of Ghar Vaapsi, Love Jihad etc with the support of political leadership and administrative establishment have been vitiating the peaceful environment across the country. This is leading to social disharmony and communal conflicts at various places of the country.
Latest horrifying addition to this phenomenon is lynching of Muslims and Dalits in the name of cow protection by the self-styled cowbhakts by taking law in their hands.
Around thirty precious lives starting with Mohammed Akhlaq of Dadri have been lost in this mob frenzy, the latest being Junaid Ahmed, a 16-year old Islamic seminary student of Haryana on his way from Delhi after making purchases for the next day’s Eid celebrations. Respected Sir, this “cow terrorism” transcends all limits of humanity and civility. The callous indifference to condemn it and the unwillingness to take steps against the criminal culprits by ruling BJP send fears across the Muslim community and Dalits who are at the receiving ends.  
As the first citizen and constitutional head, we seek your intervention to save the nation from going towards total chaos, to ensure that constitution and its values are being protected and the most important of all to instill sense of confidence and security in the minds of the people irrespective of their faiths.
We urge your Excellency that the following actions must be taken to bring back sanity in the society,
1.      Direct the centre and state governments to take effective steps to ensure no more mob lynching,
2.     SIT should be constituted for all such incidents of mob lynching and the investigation be completed on a time bound manner,
3.     It is to be ensured that the victims do not face any kind of intimidation, coercion or allure during the investigation,
4.     The culprits should be brought to books and severe punishment be given as per the law,  
5.      Cow vigilantism be declared an anti-national terror act and those indulge in such actions be dealt accordingly,
6.      Intelligence gathering be strengthened in vulnerable areas so that such cases of lynching can be nipped in the bud itself.
Yours faithfully,
Dr. SQR Ilyas
President, Welfare Party of India

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