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Welfare Party of India demands PM Modi to tender apology for demonet...
   Welfare Party of India demands PM Modi to tender apology for demonetization and GST
Welfare Party of India demands PM Modi to tender apology for demonet...

Vagamon, Kerala: 6th November, 2017. Welfare Party of India Federal Working Committee held Modi government responsible for the economic disaster the country being facing due to the implementation of demonetization and GST.

While the very claim of digging out black and fake money and eliminating financial sources for extremism has miserably failed, it brought irreparable hardships to millions of people and more than 100 people lost their lives.

The meeting presided over by national president Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas asked PM Modi to tender a public apology to the nation and to compensate the losses inflicted to the citizens. It specifically demanded to declare financial assistance to the 100-plus families who lost their dear ones. The implementation of GST without proper planning further aggravated the financial collapse.

The WPI will observe November 8th as Day of Deceit, the anniversary of one year of economic emergency. The Federal Working Committee expressed sincere concern over the pathetic plight of the farmers, the backbone of India.  Suicides among farmers across the country go on still at alarming rates due to indebtedness brought by the unprofitable agriculture.

Welfare Party finds that when loans availed by corporates in crores are written off and multiple tax concessions are extended to them, demand for loan waiver or financial support get resistance. Party demand implementation of M.S.Swaminathan committee report in letter and spirits instead of lip service.  All debts of the families of the suicide victims be written off and they should be properly rehabilitated.

WPI also strongly objected to the government moves in various states to forcefully acquire the agricultural lands and convert them to commercial purposes. In any case, the land owners should properly be compensated.

Party strongly condemned the gruesome murder of Gouri Lankesh and expressed concern over the growth of right wing communal forces in silencing voices of dissent with patronage from ruling establishments.

Welfare Party demanded the government to implement the RTE Act with sincerity spirit in providing free, quality, uniform and compulsory education to all.
The party criticised the central government’s weak and shallow arguments to deport the Rohingyan Muslims. India shelters lakhs of refugees of various ethnicities and still is ready to accommodate more, the selective filtering and move to forceful deportation of Rohingyans from lakhs of refugees has brought a black mark and has diminished the image of the country.

The Party strongly condemned the Assam BJP government for notifying Muslim citizens of the state in many lakhs by de-franchising them with the intention to forcefully expel. It is gross violation of human rights as well against the constitution when NRC (National Registration of Citizenship) classified most of the above people as Indian citizens.

The Federal Working Committee criticized the Rajasthan government for promulgating the Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Ordinance2017, requiring prior sanction before ordering an investigation or filing FIR relating to serving or former judges, magistrates and public servants.

Restrictions against the media remind us dark days of Emergency and is against the liberty and pride of Rajastan people and hence to be revoked at the earliest.
The meeting discussed various measures to strengthen the Party in the wake of the reports presented by units and strategies for 2019 General Election.


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