WELFARE PARTY OF INDIANATIONAL AGITATION FROM 1ST APRIL TO 18THOur country is witnessing unprecedented waves of intolerance, attacks against Muslims and Dalits have increased manifold and graph of communal disturbances are steeply ascending. Intolerance has gone to that extent that even cultural activists are not spared for opening their hearts. If you dare to open then be ready to face the fate of Kalburgi, Govind Pansare or of Gauri Lankesh. The eating habit that you follow for generations and the food items that you store in your house are sufficient reasons for you being killed as in the case of Junaid and Akhlaq. Your menu is being dictated. Beef and cow have unfortunately become two words sharper than swords. Of the 63 attacks in the name of beef and cow, 96.8 % occurred after Modi government came to power taking about 30 precious lives. Mere suspicion of carrying beef is enough for the mob to lynch anybody. We have a Prime Minister who has time in Man Ki Baat to touch every issue on earth howsoever simple it might be except the mob lynching of Muslims and Dalits in the name of cow and beef. Love Jihad controversy widely used by the right-wing elements, spread by media brought fear in the minds of innocent Hindus. Matter of concern is that it made references in some judicial verdicts though cleared later. Some liberal leftists also joined the havoc. It was a calculated effort to bring animosity against Muslims. An atmosphere of fear was created that Muslims began to feel that they are not really counted as Indians. It is here we have to say with assertion that INDIA IS FOR AL INDIANS.Organized communal riots allegedly with the support of the ruling class are on the rise ever since the BJP came to power at centre and in states and are clearly intended to fill fear in the minds of minorities. From Police Stations to Courts almost a step motherly treatment awaits them. Behind every communal riot, new and old, there is politics of economics, land, labour and religion. They have to prove their Indianness wherever they are.Even after seven decades of independence, the Dalits and Tribes have not been fortunate to enjoy social inclusion and justice. Segregation forces them to live in sub-human conditions. Every 15 minute, one crime is committed against Dalits, every day six Dalit women are raped. These are as per official statistics that register a 66% hike in atrocities in the past ten years 2007-2017. The situation has worsened, with a further spike in anti-Dalit violence, over the past four years ever since BJP came to power. This agitation INDIA FOR ALL INDIANS is to establish their social status. The “unholy” alliance government between the PDP and the BJP at Sri Nagar and Sangh parivar led sarkar at New Delhi, raised lots of hopes for the solution of problems of Kashmiri people. But a lopsided “masculine” approach by arrogant Sangh controlled BJP made things worse. School going boys and girls hurling stones at the security forces and girls kicking army van are new to valley. This is on one side and on the other an army officer driving an army truck with an innocent Kashmiri youth tied to the bonnet to escape from the ire of the public depicts the Kashmir situation truly. While endorsing solidarity with the security forces, we have to stand for the rights of the Kashmiri people. Unlike BJP, we want Kashmiri soul as well the Kashmiri soil. Mallaya and Nirav Modi belong to the privileged class with special treatment everywhere. The Non Performing Accounts of state owned and private banks as on June, 2016 comes to 6 lakh crores and that of top 20 Non Performing Accounts (NPA) of Public Sector Bank stands at 1.54 lakh crores. The beneficiaries of the NPA accounts are Giant companies, business Houses owned and operated by people like Vijay Mallaya and Nirav Modi who can easily get away cheating the banks at a tune of 9000 and 11000 crores with the connivance of the officials and political masters to London and States. This happens in a country where a common man if taken loan for genuine needs, makes any default, the non-performing banks become alert all of a sudden and perform their duty ruthlessly with all laws and regulations. One law for Mallaya and other for Aam Admi exists. India has to be for all Indians. The demonetization that was introduced without much home work brought shock to the economy. More than 3.5 lakh medium and small enterprises were closed, 15 lakhs people lost jobs. Out of 15.44 lakh crores in circulation only 16000 crores not returned to banks which amount to only 1%. And only 400 crores of fake money was identified. Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh was forthright in terming it a “monumental mismanagement and “organised loot” and “legalized plunder". He also predicted that the economy of the nation will fall by 2%. Demonetization was not implemented for the whole Indians but for the haves. Benefits of development go to the hands of already affluent elite castes and classes when the vulnerable majority is denied of it.Farmers’ suicides are on the rise. It shows an increase of 42% from 6867 in 2016 to 12602 in 2016. The figure is for five states. Agriculture has become a non-profitable venture. According to NCRB’s latest farmers’ suicide data, of the over 3000 farmers who committed suicide across the country in 2015, 80% ie 2474 had taken loans from banks or microfinance institutions. Agricultural sector and the farmers when given due focus and concessions as corporate sector enjoy, then there will be real growth and progress and no more suicides. This agitation is for them.Rights of the more than 85 to 90 percent of employed in informal sector have to be protected. Labours have to be ensured minimum wages, working conditions, overtime controls, protection from unjustified retrenchment, etc. The Modi government has been amending various labour laws in order to fulfill the conditions imposed by the World Bank and appease MNC’s. Rajasthan has relaxed the provisions of Factories Act, Industrial Disputes Act, Apprentices Act, and Contract Labour Act. Another BJP state MP has amended at least 20 labour laws including 17 central ones. There has to be limit for appeasing the Corporates. Rights of workers have also to be equally ensured by Laws. New ideas and thoughts, leaders for tomorrow emerge from campus. Indian universities like JNU, HCU, Jadavpur and various centres of higher studies in arts have tremendous contribution in shaping idea and new thoughts. With VCs, Chairmen/ Directors with allegiance to Sangh Parivar being seated at helm of affairs and ABVP being given all support for unleashing an atmosphere of terror, Indian universities have been turned to be fortress of security forces rather than centre of excellence with dialogue and discussions. No more Rohith Vemulas to be forced to take the extreme step to get justice from upper caste authorities. No more Najeebs should “disappear” from any campus allegedly at the hands of ABVP or any student outfit. There is a calculated effort to check the inflow of students for higher studies and research from the vulnerable groups like Muslims, Dalits and other backwards. This has to be resisted. Media has to be free and no more attacks against media persons. There were 54 attacks on journalists and seven murders between January 2016 and April 2017. Citizens in social media and films criticizing the government are met with police complaints. Rights of women and their femininity has to be protected, This national agitation also demand the following alongwith the above Ensure due representation for Muslims in parliament and legislative assemblies as per Population ratio.Repeal all Draconian LawsDeclare Racist abuse against Muslims as a Crime and Ensure Social dignity of Dalits and AdivasisEnsure the Reliability and transparency of all constitutional Institutions.Roll Back EVM and Bring paper Ballot for Lok sabha and Legislative assembly elections
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